No one’s exactly sure how this all started. The elves say they know, but as we all know, the elves lie.

The oldest of us have always said that amongst the many Gods there was a king whose name has been lost to us, at least among those who dare speak it out loud. He ruled high above the other Gods, with nearly infinite power and knowledge. His loneliness and isolation, however, were nearly as infinite.

Only two powers came close to rivaling his: the day and the night…the sun and the moon…darkness and light. They appeared to him as women, one pure and forthright, the other cunning and deceptive. As the sun moved towards him warmly, the moon faded back, cold and distant. The sun arrived each and every day in turn, but the moon often hid from him, sometimes well enough to be perfectly invisible.

The sun offered consistency, warmth, and truth. The moon, in turn, offered nothing save for uncertainty, danger, and mystery.

No one’s exactly certain why the King made the choice he did, but there is no uncertainty which it was. The King of the Gods chose darkness over light.

Some say it was a test, to see if the sun remained true and pure, even when faced with rejection. Others say the King’s choice was merely typical of men. A few even went so far as to claim that the moon tricked the King…but rest assured, those heretics were all properly silenced.

Nevertheless, the King’s choice caused a rift within the land, quickly leading to a terrible, seemingly endless war between the honorable forces of the righteous day, and the mysterious hordes of the infinitely dark.

One can only imagine what the fate of the world would have been had the merciless armies of night managed to defeat the pure defenders of truth, honor, and justice.

All that we know for certain are the terrible, horrifying consequences that befell the world…when light won…and the sun became ruler over all.

Say it with me children. It is the oath we swear and break every night, and we shall continue to make it each and every day, until we can finally live up to the words:

I swear by the moon, each star, and the everlasting sky above me…that the sun shall not rise again.

Tyranny of the Sun